Find Quality Garage Door Installations in Otwell, Jasper, and Petersburg, IN

Find Quality Garage Door Installations in Otwell, Jasper, and Petersburg, IN

Reliable Service from a company you can trust

As a homeowner, you've worked hard on your house because you care about your home and want to take good care of it. Your bathroom is remodeled and those small kitchen repairs are finally finished. But there's one area of the house you haven't gotten around to dealing with: the garage. Garage doors are an important feature of any home because they provide security and privacy. That's why you want a high-quality garage door that's fully functional. We can help.

K&S Home Improvements offers full-service garage door installations and repairs.

We've got your garage covered

Our garage installations and repairs are full-service, so you can sit back and relax. Count on us to be with you through every step of the process. Here are just a few of the convenient services we provide:

Garage door pick-up - we'll pick-up the garage door you've purchased and bring it to your location.

Garage door removal - we'll take down your old garage door before installing your new garage door and tracks.

Garage door repair - we can repair your broken garage door and reinstall it once it's repaired.

Garage door fitting - we'll make sure your new garage door is level and that the springs are fitted properly.

Garage door opener programming - we'll repair your old garage door opener or set up your new one making sure it's programmed properly.

After you're done appreciating your new or newly repaired garage door, you can rest easy knowing that the work completed by K&S Home Improvements is quality.

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